Photo of Christopher Nolan and Christian BaleEvidently, helming the current Batman movie franchise hasn't dimmed Christian Bale's interest in superherodom, as the versatile and gifted actor will play John Connor in a planned Terminator sequel from Warner Bros. for the summer of 2009.

I like the idea of the Terminator movies forging ahead post-Schwarzenegger into new territory, and Bale is a terrific, chameleon-like actor who gives depth to most any role he plays -- even in B-movies like Reign of Fire. I wonder, however, if the quality bar has been set a bit higher for Bale since Batman Begins? And, will moviegoers enjoy watching Bale in another ongoing movie franchise?

Talking about Bale and the further adventures of the Caped Crusader, many thanks to Cinematical for pointing me in the direction of this awesome making of featurette with The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan about filming in the IMAX format.

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