For some reason, everyone seems to be buzzing this week about Batman fighting people in the movies - even more so than usual, I mean. If that's the kind of story that's sparked your interest today, then friend, you could do a lot worse than spending the next six minutes watching Batman vs. Terminator, a stop-motion fan-film in which the Dark Knight returns in a future dominated by Skynet and its killer robots.

Produced by YouTuber Captain McKay - who I think we can assume was bitten by a radioactive McKay at some point in the past - the project uses Mezco's Dark Knight Returns Batman figure and NECA's Terminator figure, and the results are pretty amazing. Give it a watch!



There's a lot to like about what McKay is doing here - I'm particularly fond of Batman reflexively trying to slug a Terminator in the gut before he remembers that they're killer robots - but I think my favorite might be the music. Blending the Terminator theme with tunes lifted from the Batman NES and Game Boy games is a great way to get that techno sound in there while staying true to both characters, and it's a really thoughtful touch that I like even more than explosive batarangs.

Even though we got Batman vs. Predator a full three times -- four if you count the one that has Superman and the xenomorphs from Aliens in it -- we somehow never got Batman vs. Terminator in the comics. This is, however, not the first time that Batman and the Terminator have crossed paths in the world of fan-films. Back in 2014, Tony Guerrero and Mitchell Hammond did a pretty fantastic animated short with the same premise.

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