As the record will show, the opening sequence of Batman: The Animated Series is one of my favorite things in the history of the entire world. It's a masterpiece of visual storytelling in 57 seconds, with incredible music and beautiful, striking imagery. And, of course, as the title implies, it's animated. But what if it wasn't?!

That, friends, is the premise of a new fan-film from director Tomi Pietilä, reshooting the entire thing in live action. Well, except for the parts with the Batmobile, but c'mon, those are pretty hard to find.

In addition to the live action sequences, the 3D computer imagery was done by Tommi Tuominen, and it's a pretty great tribute to the classic opening. What you miss by not being able to have the eyes widen and narrow cartoonishly (and by the human body not exactly being capable of that righteous pounce/slam thing Batman does to take out the first thug) is covered up quite a bit by the faithfulness to the original.

Speaking of, here it is for comparison:



Now all we need is for this to continue as a shot-for-shot remake of an entire episode. Just... maybe not the one where Catwoman gets turned into an actual cat by a mad scientist. Or the one with the werewolf. Or... you know, just do "Heart of Ice" and I think we'll all be fine with it.



[Via Robot6]

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