LEGO's Cuusoo program recently changed its name to the much more easy to understand "LEGO Ideas," but the basic idea is the same: Fans come up with ideas for new LEGO sets, and if they get enough votes, there's a good chance that they'll actually be made into official offerings from everyone's favorite Danish building blocks. As you might expect, most of the ideas tend to revolve around pre-existing pop culture icons, and and while I'd love to see more sets based on things that weren't just TV shows and movies, you can't deny that there is awesome stuff over there.

Like, for instance, Sam Gras' Batman '66 Batmobile, which he's hoping to get picked up in time for the show's 50th anniversary in 2016, featuring TV-accurate license plates, a moustachioed Cesar Romero Joker, and shark-repellent Bat-spray.


Batman '66 LEGO set by Sam Gras


According to Gras' pitch for the set, he originally built it for his four year-old daughter, who wanted a Batmobile that could seat both Batman and Robin. Unsurprisingly, I've got a couple of LEGO Batmobiles myself, and she's right -- both the Dark Knight-style Tumbler and the Burton-style Batmobile are made to fit a single minifigure. Usually Robin comes with a little motorcycle of his own, but c'mon, Batman. That dude's your partner. Let him sit in the car.

Thus, the '66 Batmobile, with comfy, spacious seating for two, just in time for both a resurgence in popularity of the show through other media (like DC's Batman '66 comic), and the show's actual anniversary.


Batman '66 LEGO Set by Sam Gras


In addition to the Batmobile and '66-styled Batman and Robin, Gras' set would also include the Joker and a list of accessories that includes Batarangs, the William Shakespeare bust that provides entrance to the Batcave, a shark, shark-repellent Bat-Spray, and a giant bomb that can be used to create the famous scene from the '66 Movie.

Obviously, this needs to happen.

To check out more and support the design, head over to LEGO Ideas!


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