Archie Comics' rebirth in recent years as a prominent publisher of horror comics was certainly unexpected, but it's produced some really great stuff, like the brutally horrific zombie comic Afterlife With Archie, and the new, more atmospheric horror of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And now, it's responsible for fan-films.

Inspired by the first issue of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack's Sabrina, Spanish filmmaker Ricargo Uhagon Vivas set out to make a short film that would serve as something of a prequel, filling in the gaps between Sabrina's birth and her arrival in Greendale. The result is the seven-minute, live-action film Witch Girl, and it makes for a pretty great watch, especially on aspoooooky Halloween.

Like the comic that inspired it, Witch Girl is light on jump scares and more about creating a chilling atmosphere, and on that front, it does a pretty solid job. The whole thing is creepy long before the Ouija board comes out and the first words are spoken. Of course, there's that bit at the end, but I think you'll agree that the most shocking horror comes from Aunt Zelda's eyebrows.


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