It's a pretty good time to be a Sailor Moon fan. Not only is there a new animated series set to kick off with a worldwide release this summer and a new line of high-end action figures to populate your bookshelves, but there's also a resurgence of material created by fans as the franchise gets ready to relaunch.

Case in point: Moon Animate Make-Up, a full-length recreation of an episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, featuring a different animator for every shot of the show. And yes: That includes the "Sailor Moon Says" PSA at the end.

Announced last November on Tumblr, Moon Animate Make-Up is recreating Sailor Moon episode 38, "Factious Friends," in which the Sailor Scouts have to pull together and rescue Tuxedo Mask from the forces of the Negaverse through the power of miniskirted friendship. In addition to the episode itself (and the PSA), they're even going as far as redoing the opening and closing segments, too.

The shot above hints at the variety of styles that are going to be on display in Moon Animate, but there are more clips out there reflecting the different animators getting in on the action -- and it's worth noting that they're also using the audio from the original English dub, which is delightful. Here's a few favorites:






For more, and to keep up on Moon Animate's full release this spring, check out the Moon Animate Make-Up tumblr!



[Via io9]

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