If some guy walked up to me on the street and said, "Hey, I've got a really cool Batman haircut. Wanna see?" Like most people, I would think he's crazy. Then, as soon as said weird guy turned around to show me the Dark Knight's silhouette carved perfectly into his otherwise shaved head, I would become a believer. A terrified believer that would run away instantly, only to find myself at the mercy of weird Bat-Hair guy's war against people with significantly less cool haircuts.

In all seriousness, the unidentified kid in this photograph sports the single nerdiest (and greatest) haircut I have ever seen in public. The best part of the picture is the way the mother and her child at the counter are staring straight at Bat-Hair with expressions that are equal parts admiration and ridicule. It's as if they can see straight through his face and directly at the Caped Crusader worn on the back of his head. Priceless!Actually, wait a minute... we can't see this kid's face. Given his willingness to wear Batman on the back of his head, who knows what the heck Bat-Hair has on his face! A full facial tattoo of the Joker, perhaps? A massive Bat insignia?! The possibilities are as endless as they are awesome!!

[Source: Geekstir]

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