Bandai Premium

Try as most may to achieve the billowy bird hair sported by Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT stars, it's no cakewalk to train your 'do up to Saiyan -- to say nothing of Super Saiyan -- strength. Bandai Premium thinks it can help, however, with its official new Dragon Ball Z hair wax.

The DBZ wax is sold in three tiers of holding power, as indicated by specially starred dragon ball packaging. There's "Natural, Hard, and Super Hard" formulas, all containing... carrot essence. Yes, they found a way to work in a softening "Kakkarot" ingredient to honor Goku's vegetable-based Saiyan name, just as Vegeta would want.

Obtaining this potent wax from Japan is suprisingly doable, should fans choose to pursue crunchy locks DBZ-style. Bandai Premium's selling it for 980 yen online, which is roughly $10 USD. We won't judge you if you decide to just buy a cosplay wig, though.

You can see all of the official Dragon Ball Z hair wax promo images below.