We're big fans of theme sketchbooks at ComicsAlliance, which is why we're going to start regularly featuring the sketchbooks of our readers. Today, we're going to start with one of the more unusual themes we've heard of: A sketchbook of Batman getting hit in the balls from CA reader Justin Stewart, who was kind enough to scan all his images in for us, including gems from Jim Mahfood, Nate Bellegarde and more. Warning: Images of testicular distress follow.

Also, if you'd like to see your theme sketchbook featured on the site, drop us a line!

Tom Kurzanski

Jim Mahfood

Chris Houghton

Nathan Hendrickson

Jason Young

Tod Parkhill

Tom Scioli

DJ Coffman

Tim Fischer

Jose Garibaldi

Zach Miller

Nate Bellegarde

Cory Walker

Jim Lujan

David Hopkins

Billy Boyd

Jason Howard


Tom Ryan

Oliver Tull

Tony Fleecs

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