Patricio Betteo tends to stretch out his subjects with the kind of top-heavy frames that Sam Kieth loves and elongated limbs that would fit right right in in an Ashley Wood book. His takes on Batman and Robocop make them look like they belong in an old-timey cartoon working out on the Jersey Shore, but his playful use of simple shapes and color palettes just make his pictures all the more striking.

The explorations on Betteo's deviantART account contain a lot of the same faces that other superhero-fan artists tackle on the site, like Iron Man, Hellboy and The Joker. He has a knack for spreading them out onto a canvas to cover far more square inches than they might otherwise inhabit, though, and his approach will draw your eye to bolts, lines and details that you wouldn't necessarily be looking at in someone else's work. His Spider-Man meeting a fly scene, however, captures more drama than the rest of his portfolio combined.

[Via Geek-Art]

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