Whatever the magical imagination machine is that Patricio Betteo throws his subjects into before they turn into broad-chested, taffy-pulled works of beauty, we hope that he gets many more years of mileage out of it. His mad art science has continued to produce freakish fun since we first noticed his art last year, including some snazzy Psychonauts, Hellboy and Tetsuo of Akira action.Betteo verges on Dave McKean territory in some of these pieces, which you can catch on his deviantART account and personal blog. He's got one of the freshest takes on an "Alien" portrait that we've seen in a while, too. It's clean, ominous and almost looks like it was painted with samples of Venom's gooey black symbiote.

He even makes the Na'vi from Avatar look cool, giving James Cameron's extraterrestrials a taste of his elongation treatment. Check out a few samples below, and let us know what you think.