Imagine, if you will, the Bat Cave. It's typically a neat and tidy operation filled with assorted gadgetry and technology, thanks to the enormous wealth provided by Wayne Enterprises. But what if Bruce wasn't using his finances purely for his Dark Knight desires? What if he started putting a good chunk of his trust fund towards pop culture collectibles, teddy bears, bicycles and other needless items?

That's the case that artist Ulises Farinas puts forth in a new illustration of the Caped Crusader all alone in his not-so-little cave - all alone, that is, except for the mountain of unnecessary objects he's hoarded over the years."Batman is a hoarder," Farinas wrote on Facebook of the situation seen in this illustration. "After losing his parents, he's unable to lose any material possessions, forever staying a emotionally stunted man-child play boy as Bruce Wayne, and a seething obsessive compulsive angry monster as Batman."

I don't know about you, but that's one depressing Batman tale that I'd love to see as an Elseworlds graphic novel. If you're interested in seeing that as well, pay Farinas a visit at his official website or on Facebook and let him know!