Look, we've all been there: Sometimes, your anti-crime basement that you constructed so that you could wage an unceasing war on all evildoers gets a little cluttered. But what do you do when things go... a little too far?

That's the question that our pal Kerry Callen -- whose work has appeared here at ComicsAlliance in our series of Great Comics That Never Happened -- set out to answer. The result: A pretty hilarious new strip done in the style of Dick Sprang, in which one of Batman's many issues gets dragged to the forefront by an intervention. Check it out below!




What makes this strip great -- beyond just being hilarious -- is that all the stuff cluttering up the Batcave is actually from the comics. Heck, Callen's version is actually pretty tidy when compared to Dick Sprang's version!

For more, check out Callen's website, and take note: He's hard at work right now on a new 160-page story, and while he's keeping the details quiet, it's something we're pretty excited to see.

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