In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance brings you the best comic book adventures that do not, could not, and sometimes should not exist: Great Comics That Never Happened! This week, Chris Sims and the amazing artist Kerry Callen bring you the Riverdale romance you've been waiting for!

Read more for the full cover!Archie Wedding Special: Betty Marries Veronica

Story by Chris Sims

Art by Kerry Callen

You've seen the alternate futures where Archie marries Betty, Veronica and Valerie, but get ready for the most unexpected marriage of all as we cordially invite you to the wedding of Elizabeth Cooper and Veronica Lodge!

For years, Betty and Veronica have been competing for Archie's indecisive affection, but when they realize that they're better without him, their enduring best friendship blossoms into a full-fledged romance! But while the girls are more than smitten with each other, the rest of Riverdale's not so happy!

With Betty and Veronica tying the knot, will Archie be left to the not-so-tender mercies of Cheryl Blossom? And while a friendship may be fine, will Hiram Lodge ever be able to accept his daughter's wedding to a girl who's -- (gulp) -- middle class?! And when Reggie plots to break up their wedding and steal Betty's affection for himself, will these two lady lovebirds be able to overcome their differences and find happiness? It's the wedding of the 21st century in the story you don't dare miss!

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