Video: The CW's new live action Arrow gets reimagined as an erotic thriller thanks to College Humor. It's technically SFW, but about as highly suggestive as its Fify Shades of Grey inspiration. [CH]

Books: It looks like The Walking Dead fans can expect a third TWD novel in the not-too-distant future. [EW]

GIFS: Kerry Callen animates Jack Kirby's iconic Fantastic Four #51 cover, further emphasizing the tragedy of Ben Grimm's craggy exterior. [Robot 6]

Art: Bruce Lowell builds a very moody art deco style Batman using Lego. [The Brothers Brick]

Toys: It appears that Funko is bringing Masters of the Universe to its Pop! Vinyl line of figures. [TNI]

Tech: Sony has released a new "Second Screen App" for The Amazing Spider-Man movie, which synchs with the TASM Blu-ray on the Sony Tablet S, Sony Xperia Tablet S and iPad. [SHH]

Fan Films: The Teen Titans Project is posting concept art from its planned live action fan film trailer honoring the classic team. [TTP]

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