Fluffy watercolors and big smiles adorn Mister Hope's children's book-ready artwork. He professes a love of Tim Burton, and it shows in his Star Wars and Ghostbusters doodles, which look like they were designed on a planet where most inhabitants have approximately the same figure as Tom Wilson's Ziggy.
Hope's style looks a little like the smiley-faced fighters in Scott C's archives with nose/eye relationships that could have been inherited from Jeff Lemire. There's a whole gallery full of such wonders on his website over at MisterHope.com.

He's posted a very Jhonen Vasquez-ish piece of Joker playing card art there, as well as a beautiful Boober doodle and an uplifting Lion-O sketch. There's more were that came from, too. If ever there was an illustrator fit to draw a Batman storybook for toddlers, surely he is that man. With any luck, such stories would have happier endings than the one ole Bats and Commissioner Gordon seem to have met here, however.

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