WayForward Technologies has given fans plenty to get stoked about over the course its development of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold The Videogame," but all told, its new launch trailer celebrating the title's September 7 release may be the pinnacle of the company's collective promotional efforts. It's just what happens when you produce an animated short featuring Batman playing his own game on the Wii with Bat-Mite and Green Arrow.As Topless Robot points out, even though the short is a commercial, it shines almost as brightly as a full episode of Cartoon Network's B&TB series. Watching Bat-Mite clear his heroes' crimefighting schedule just long enough for him to help him beat a level, plus tapping Green Arrow to demonstrate the Wii version of the game's interconnectivity to its Nintendo DS counterpart harkens back to the video game ads I loved as a kid (such as the old school "Dragon Ball" comic promoting its videogame tie-in). It's also likely that Batman's tolerance for his gaming partners' ceaseless hogging of his playable character will brighten your week.

Watch the trailer below:

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