Straddling the scales of Mattel's retooled Japanese robot toys of the 1970s Shogun Warriors line, Funko has crafted an 11" tall Batman Robot figure for its "Vinyl Invaders" series. The figure will sport limited articulation (probably just at the shoulders, from the looks of the KISS Demon Robot figure) and won't feature fist rockets like some of the Shogun Warriors toys its design was inspired by, but it's still got enough charm to make me consider its current preorder price of about $36 at sites like Entertainment Earth. Some release dates indicate the figure will drop in April, while others point to July. In either case, it's too long a wait if you love vinyl toys that are robots and also Batman. See more images of the upcoming Batman Robot figure from Funko's Vinyl Invaders line after the cut.Just in case you're worried the figure won't quite measure up to Funko's illustrated images, Action Figure Times snapped one in the wild a few months back during Toy Fair in New York:

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