There may not be a definitive line of Batman and Robin sneakers based on the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery yet, but there is mini-marathon of artwork riffing on Bat-villains in artist Dennis Culver's portfolio. Culver decided to commit himself to drawing one Batman troublemaker per day, and his final lineup of nogoodniks is now ready for the world to see, including the likes of staples such as The Joker, Riddler and R'as Al Ghul, as well as some faces more likely to be recognized by dedicated readers including Professor Pyg, King Tut and Firefly.

The whole institution-ready group is posted on Flickr, and they straddle a nice place between Batman's grittier artists like Neal Adams and Jerry Robinson and the less proportionate but no less gorgeous stylings of "Batman: The Animated Series." Culver's finished products are clean and have sharp, shadowy essences to them that would be right at home in a backup story for a tale drawn by someone along the lines of Guy Davis, and if Culver can draw full stories as well as he can do individual figures, he'll surely have some editors inquiring in his inbox any day now.

If you find yourself thinking like us and would like to see more, check out a quick gallery after the jump.

[Via Robot 6]

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