In what's just the latest in a long line of ridiculously cool, maddeningly limited edition film posters produced by Mondo, Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley has collaborated with illustrator Kevin Tong to depict the often imitated, never duplicated ultra-violent awesomeness that is Battle Royale. The Kinji Fukasaku film based on Koushun Takami's novel is screening in the US as part of an interesting initiative by Tugg, an on-demand theatrical distribution outfit. The way it works is that if you and your friends can pre-sell enough tickets, Tugg will bring the movie to a cinema in your town -- along with copies of the O'Malley/Tong poster.

Full-size image below.

O'Malley drew the poster in sections, and he's offering those originals for $200 a piece. You can make inquiries at bryan-at-radiomaru-dot-com.

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