If there's one thing that superhero fans can agree upon, it's that we'd all likely disagree when it comes to our favorite superheroes and superpowers. There are just so many to choose from for so many different reasons that there's no way we'd all come to a mutual, all-encompassing understanding.

But - and correct me if I'm wrong - we all love beards. Why shouldn't we? They're huge and awesome.

Now, combine the delightful nature of beards with the awesomeness of superheroes and you get this fantastic series of bearded superheroes from Deviant Art user Vanjamrgan. This illustrator has decided that some superheroes and other popular culture characters are wasting their own potential by not sporting beards. In an effort to remedy this problem, Vanjamrgan has smacked beards onto the faces of heroes like Batman, Hellboy and Boba Fett to hilarious and super cool results.

Vanjamrgan explains the rationale behind the art series thusly: "I'm going to draw characters that should have beards but don't." Hey, that sounds reasonable enough to me. I can't argue with that logic, especially after seeing this bearded Brock Samson.

Truly, the world would be a better place if everybody had a beard. And by everybody, I mean me, because I can't grow facial hair anywhere except for my neck. Maybe Vanjamrgan could draw one on me?