After months of teasing, Marvel's finally filled in the silhouettes of two heroes set to star in May's "Secret Avengers"#1 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato. Back in February I tried to convince myself that the lineup would include Gorilla-Man (for purely selfish reasons), but as a fan of both Beast and War Machine, I can live with the new, if unsurprising lineup.

Don't get me wrong, I usually enjoy the Avengers with or without secrecy, but I'm not sure either Beast or War Machine are going about it the right way. Both of them have been active, totally-in-the-limelight Avengers of several varieties in the past and, well, Hank's straight up wearing the Avengers logo on his gauntlets and vest. What's he going to do when he gets caught on a black ops mission? "Oh, see...I'm just here on my own. By myself. Showing my support for the Oakland Athletics on my wrists and chest."Even though the secret is out, it'll be nice to have Beast and WM back in the fold - especially under the pen of Brubaker, who I suspect has a fine reason for putting "secret" in the team's name. And with any luck a few more secretive secret Avengers could make themselves known sooner than later.

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