There's a new Star Wars movie just days away, and the lead-in to the film has already loosed dozens and dozens of new collectibles on the market. While you can be like every other person on the planet and buy some Rogue One action figures or t-shirts, why not try to one-up the rest of the collecting community by getting your very own 12'-tall AT-ACT from Beast Kingdom? That's a baller move if I ever heard of one, and I have heard about a lot of baller moves.

Now, at 1:7 scale, it's not like this AT-ACT is actually going to be able to secure the beachhead from any invasion, Rebel or otherwise, but it will certainly make your yard the one to watch out for. Unless you can fit this in your house, which would mean you have a rather nice house with very high ceilings and doors. Can I come over sometime? You know, to see the AT-ACT in person... and maybe swim in your indoor heated pool and use your personal bowling alley. You are a baller after all, aren't you?

Sadly, it doesn't appear that the cargo opening on the side (the orange door) actually functions. In the film it opens and deploys to let loose some Stormtroopers, but you won't be able to crawl inside and do the same to your annoying neighbor. That's a bit of a downer, but I guess if you can afford the $35,000 price for what is basically a gigantic statue, you probably don't have too many neighbors anyway.

I'm also pretty sure those cannons don't actually fire, which you would think for $35,000 they would, but I guess the dollar doesn't go as far as it used to. Thanks, Palpatine.

The Master Craft 1:7 scale AT-ACT is available for pre-order now for $34,999.99, and is expected to arrive sometime in 2017. As they are built to order, exact dates aren't available until each individual one is built.


Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom