It turns out that Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw isn't just the kind of guy you'd like to have recording commentary tracks to your favorite video games. The mind and voice behind the review series "Zero Punctuation" would also make darn serviceable dungeon master if part two from the second chapter of his novel "Mogworld" is any indication.

A preview segment for Croshaw's Dark Horse-published fantasy/adventure tale of a character brought back from the dead has been posted up on his regular home The Escapist, and it should be able to give you an idea about whether or not this book is your cup of tea (or jar of Branston Pickle, to borrow a "ZP" reference point). If nothing else, the preview should demonstrate that this guy can write; if it does anything else for you, it may inspire you to go out and throw together a GURPS campaign set in Yahtzee's realm.

You should go have a look, because, well, it's nicely written and sounds great if you imagine Yahtzee's voice reading the whole thing. Also, the preview for the book, which doesn't come out until August 2, is free.