Bergen Street Comics happens to be one of my favorite all-time comic shops, and it's been fascinating to watch them grow their carefully curated small press operation. ComicsAlliance has been pretty vocal about our love for Bergen Street's first offering, Michel Fiffe's Copra, and so it's surely unsurprising that we're just as excited about Copra Round 2, shipping and arriving in shops next week.

Bergen Street is also working with Chuck Forsman on his series violent vigilante series Revenger, and a special Revenger Armory zine is being offered exclusively with preorders for Revenger #2.

Copra is inspired by the 80s Suicide Squad comics by folks like John Ostrander and Kim Yale, and is an artful take on superhero stories without being just an homage. If you haven't been listening to CA over the last few years and haven't read Round 1, unfortunately it's sold out through Bergen Street, so you may need to track down a copy second hand.

In the mean time, you can preorder Forsman's Revenger #2 and get a neat zine called Revenger Armory, which Forsman's Oily Comics produced with Bergen Street. Forsman says this about the package:


I'm going to try to have a bonus item with each issue of Revenger. Last time was a postcard with an original drawing by me and this time around I am teaming up with Bergen Street Press to make a 12 page Revenger Armory zine. I'm going to print this at home on the risograph. There will be limited copies so jump on it now if you want one.


If home-printed zines and indie comics are your thing, this seems like a good project to jump on. You can also still get Revenger #1 if you're so inclined. This is a great time to get into the thoughtful and occasionally odd stuff that the Bergen Street crew is helping to bring into the world.

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