Unless you got in at the ground floor with DEATHZONE back in 2013, now might actually be the best time to get into Michel Fiffe's Copra. After a few years of low print runs --- including the first few issues that were limited to only 400 copies --- the series has now been collected in paperback and was just recently made available digitally through Comixology.

And if you want to keep going, there's good news on that front, too: This week, Fiffe put up the next batch of subscriptions on Etsy, including not just the next three issues of Copra itself, but also the first two issues of Copra Versus, a new miniseries that puts the focus on bad guys. And by "bad guys," I mean, "an army of cyborg bounty hunters."


Copra Subscription 2016


If you somehow missed all the times that we've sung its praises as one of the best things going, Copra began life as a tribute to the classic John Ostrander/Kim Yale/Luke McDonnell run on Suicide Squad from the late '80s, but evolved into something more. It's an incredible piece of comics, not only for the compelling story, but for the fact that Fiffe writes, draws, letters, prints and ships the entire thing himself. There was even a year when he did it once a month; a truly staggering feat.

Here's the official word from his mailing list:

That's right, this batch of COPRA includes 5 comic books: the next 3 COPRA issues (#s 26, 27, and 28) as well as the first 2 issues of the brand new mini series COPRA VERSUS! These will lock into all the villains we've come to know and love. For starters, Dy Dy and Klaus' gang of cyborg bounty hunters serve up some mayhem. I couldn't wait to start COPRA VERSUS, so I'll be working on both titles basically all the time!

These comics are still 24 pages, still full-color and still entirely made by me (well, with a few cool extras). Plus, they all interconnect, so you won't wanna miss any of it. But let the subscription do the heavy lifting.


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