It's Independence Day in the USA, and the ComicsAlliance staff has the day off. As such, here's a special encore showing from last year's gallery of especially patriotic superhero art to honor the Fourth of July, updated with all the patriotic pinups that we've spotlighted elsewhere in the last year. Check out after the jump some excellent pin-ups of your favorite superheroes in the red, white and blue (and sometimes yellow - somehow it works) and enjoy your holiday.

The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens

Superman and Batman by Steve Rude

Uncle Sam and Miss America(s) by Daniel Acuña

Liberty Belle by Alex Ross

Wonder Woman by Shane Davis & Jaime Mendoza

Captain America by Dan Hipp

Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. by Alex Ross

Captain America by Steve Rude

Uncle Sam by Daniel Acuña

Captain America by Bill Sienkiewicz

Captain America by Phil Noto

Captain America by Erica Henderson

Superman by Adam Hughes

Wonder Woman by Gabriel Iumazark

Captain America by Tom Scioli

Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes

Art by Matt Taylor

Wonder Woman by Steve Rude

Wonder Woman by David Despau

Justice Society of America by Alex Ross

Wonder Woman by Mario Chavez

Cyborg Superman by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding 

Superman by Steve Ditko 

Superman by Jerry Ordway 

GI Robot by Francesco Francavilla

The Rocketeer by Nick Runge

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter by Adam Hughes

Captain America by Kevin Nowlan

Young Avengers’ Miss America by Joe Hunter

Captiain America by Kevin Howdeshell

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl by Kevin Bolk

The Falcon by Greg Tocchini

Magic Johnson by Jim Lee and Joe Chiodo

Obamas/Incredibles mash-up by Nikkolas and Nicole Smith

The Last American by Mike McMahon

Captain America by Bryan Hollingsworth

Wonder Woman by Des Taylor based on a cosplay by Jessica LG

Captain America and Wonder Woman by Des Taylor

Iron Man by Bill Pressing

Steph Rogers of the Avenger Scouts by Joel Carrol

Miss America by Jamie McKelvie

Captain America and Bucky by Steve Rude

Captain America by Bobby Rubio

Bucky Barnes by Evan “Doc” Shaner

Sgt. Rock by Joe Kubert

Captain America and Bucky by Darwyn Cooke