The proliferation of social media is an incredible boon for lovers of comic book art, design and illustration. Sites like Flickr, Tumblr, DeviantArt and other countless blogs and feeds bombard us with a ceaseless supply of artwork by professionals and fans that is variously excellent, clever, funny, innovative, and numerous degrees of awesome.

We make a regular practice at ComicsAlliance of spotlighting particular artists and/or specific bodies of work, but there's just so much great work to see that we've initiated Best Art Ever (This Week), a weekly depository for just some of the virtually countless pieces of especially compelling artwork that we come across in our travels across the digital media landscape. Some of it's new, some of it's old, some of it's created by working professionals, some of it's created by talented fans, and some of it's endearingly stupid. All of it's awesome.


We're very much interested to see what you've dug up and think should be featured here in Best Art Ever (This Week). Please submit any great art links to Artists, feel free to send in your own work - we won't judge you (publicly).

Zombie Batman by Ryan Ottley

Gorillaz by Jamie Hewlett

Nick Fury by Gabriel Hardman

Wolverine by Ed McGuinness

Princess Peach by Megan Lara

Bibliomania by unknown

Atom Eve by Rodin Esquejo

Scott Pilgrim by Martin Hansin

X-Force by Chris Schweizer

Catwoman by Jock

More Gorillaz by Jamie Hewlett

Scott Pilgrim by RYRYBREAD (we think?)

Spider-Man and Dethlok by Erik Larsen

Storm by Gabriel Hardman

Bruce Lee versus Dhalsim by unknown

Darkwing Duck by Jeffrey Chamba

Batman and Beavis by Daniel Irizarri Oquendo

Princess Leia by Dave Crossland

Something amazing by Moebius

Doctor Doom by John Paul Leon

Spider-Man by Luke Radi

Superman by Alex Ross

Daft Punk by unknown

Booster Gold and Batman by Jamie McKelvie

Judge Dredd and company by Cliff Robinson (click to enlarge)

Mazinger Z by Rory Kurtz

Boba Fett by Michael Kungl

Scarlet Witch and The Vision by Bo Hampton

Black Cat by Mark Brooks

Deadpool versus Deathstroke by German Nobile