No comic book convention would be complete without picking up a sketch or commissioning a really nice piece from your favorite artists, and Comic-Con International in San Diego is no exception. We wish we were able to visit more artists and showcase more of their work (next year!), but below you will find photographs of original art created by such talents as Bruce Timm, Jill Thompson, Katie Cook, Skottie Young, Nicola Scott, Cliff Chiang and more, much of it sent in to us by fans like Matthew Todd or photographed by our own Chris Murphy.

Thor by Chris Giarrusso

Batgirl by Katie Cook

Captain America by Reilly Brown

Circe by Aaron Lopresti

Lucien by Jill Thompson

Magic Trixie by Jill Thompson

Zatanna by Jill Thompson

Rogue by Skottie Young

Hellboy by Scottie Young

Wonder Woman by Francis Manapul

Superman by Bruce Timm

Superman by Katie Cook

Agent 355 by Pia Guerra

Greg Rucka by Greg Rucka

Dex by Matthew Southworth

Batgirl by Nicola Scott

Batgirl by Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman by Janet K. Lee

Doctor Who by Katie Cook

Wonder Woman by Jill Thompson

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