I think we can all agree that the best comics are cheap comics, which is why I always keep an eye on Comixology's sales page to see if there are any good deals to be had. This week, they're offering up a handful of Superman collections for six bucks each --- which in a couple of cases is 70% off --- and while that's a pretty great deal, it also raises the question of just which ones you should pick up.

Fortunately, I've read all of these stories, so in order to help you make an informed decision, I've picked out a few best bets for picking up some cheap reads with the Man of Steel, if only to keep anyone from accidentally buying Earth One thinking that it might be good.

  • All Star Superman

    Let's be honest here, folks: You already own this one. And you should, considering that it's probably the most well-reviewed and beloved Superman comic of the past two decades, and also a genuinely great story. If, however, you somehow missed out on picking it up or haven't dusted it off in a while, six bucks for the digital version is a steal — especially since it's a cornerstone of the overarching meta-story that Morrison's been doing at DC over the course of his entire career, culminating in his current work in Multiversity. If, however, you already have it, the first volume of Morrison and Morales's Action Comics is in there too, and it was one of the true highlights of the New 52 reboot.

  • Superman For All Seasons

    Script: Jeph Loeb
    Art: Tim Sale

    Loeb and Sale have produced some pretty dodgy Batman comics in their time, but Superman For All Seasons is the best thing they've ever done as a team. It's not quite an origin story, but it's set early in Superman's career, telling the story of his first year in Metropolis, changing the course of mighty rivers and slowly whittling away at Lex Luthor's hairline. It's honest and heartfelt, and absolutely beautifully drawn by Sale. Maybe not quite the bargain that All Star is (50 cents an issue is pretty good), but definitely worth it.

  • Superman: Secret Origin

    Speaking of Superman origins, there are four — four — of them on offer in the sale, and while it might be a surprise, I'd highly recommend checking out Johns and Frank's Secret Origin. It's not that I don't like Birthright and Man of Steel, which will always be "my" origin for Superman — and you should definitely pick those two up if you've got an extra twelve bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Still, there are only so many times you can read an origin story, and Secret Origin is among the best work Johns has done at DC.

    The thing that I really like about it is that there's just so much going on here, a big blend of Silver Age ideas like the Legion of Superheroes, bits and pieces of what worked about Smallville, and a big adventure with the Parasite and Metallo. Frank's on point, too — like Johns, his Superman work is some of the best he's ever done, and he does a great job with it here.

    Plus, it has Lex Luthor as the evil Willy Wonka, and that's a pretty great idea.


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