Over the course of several decades, James Bond has encountered an impressive roster of villains. They’re a colorful collection of egomaniacs, sociopaths, thugs, and femme fatales. Some are classy, some are crass, but they all present their own challenges to the world's greatest super spy. Whether he’s tied to a chair, strapped to a table, or hanging precariously over a pool of piranhas, Bond tends to fall into his enemies' clutches --- and luckily for him, those viillains have a tendency to monologue and then leave him alone so he can figure out a way to escape and turn the tables.

Ian Fleming's James Bond made his debut in the novel Casino Royale in 1953, but the memorable and flamboyant nature of his enemies was really established by the movies, starting with 1962's Dr. No, starring Sean Connery as the hero and Joseph Wiseman as the titular villain with metal-crushing bionic hands.

More than fifty years later, Connery and his successors have worked their way through a cavalcade of megalomaniacs, henchmen and bad Bond girls, all of whom want to own or destroy the world. To mark our month-long celebration of villains, plus the upcoming release of the 24th official Bond movie Spectre, we've scoured the internet for some of the best fan art inspired by the worst villains James Bond has ever faced. We expect you to enjoy this gallery of Bond greatest baddies.



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