As readers will know from our weekly Best Cosplay Ever feature, we’re big fans of cosplay at ComicsAlliance. The comics, sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy communities have proved time and again their exceptional talents for homemade disguises and superheroic sartorial excellence, and all of their craft and skill will be on display this weekend at New York Comic-Con. Our chief cosplay correspondent Betty Felon is on hand to document as much of it as she can. Scroll down for some of the very finest cosplay from New York.

  • Raven

  • Phoenix Wright

  • Godzilla

  • Storm

  • Dr. Strange

  • Audrey II & Audrey [Little Shop of Horrors]

  • Marvel Girl

  • Tiger Millionaire [Steven Universe]

  • Saiyans [Dragon Ball]

  • Daredevil & Winter Soldier

  • Luke Skywalker & Winter Soldier

    Cosplayed by Jules Clark

  • Aquaman

    Cosplayed by Detty Cosplay

  • Dr. Fate

  • Batgirl

  • Dee, Hannah, Betty & Violet [Rat Queens]

  • Batgirl

  • Storm & Nightwing