This year's San Diego Comic-Con may not have felt as over-stuffed as years passed, but that didn't mean the convention floor wasn't still jam-packed with incredible cosplay. The annual event is still home to some of the biggest and brightest cosplayers in the 'verse, and we were reminded just how talented and creative comic book fans can be when roaming the show floor this year. We managed to track down some fantastic highlights on Saturday, and captured them for all of you to witness here.

While the perennial favorites Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix and Psylocke were ever present, there were a lot of great new sights to see. Overwatch's expanding fandom was out in full force, with a number of characters lurking in the aisles scoping out deals instead of headshots. Likewise, Star Wars was just as popular here as it was last week in London, with a great deal of classic trilogy and new characters escaping the cantinas and searching for Rey's parents.

The best part of cosplay at big shows like this is the inventiveness of the designers, with a number digging deep for elaborate costume ideas and deep cut characters you typically don't encounter. I certainly can't remember the last time I saw a Zodac from Masters of the Universe, or if I ever saw a Dragon Basketball Z cosplay. No matter who the character or how the outfit was made, this cosplayers all made a great impression and were a delight to see displaying their fandoms at SDCC this year.

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