While 2016 was a tough year in many regards, it's produced some amazing comics, from reborn superwomen to fantastical high school dramas to edible dinosaurs to supernatural anthologies, plus we've continued to see comics characters leap onto the screen with dazzling effect.

For the third and final day of our end-of-year readers' polls, we want you to help us pick out the year's winners in some diverse categories, including best screen performance, best anthology, and best character redesign. We also want to know who your favorite new character was in 2016, and which established character most deserve a solo book in 2017.

Then there two of the biggest questions of the year that we need your help to answer. What was this year's best new book, and which creator had the biggest breakthrough in 2016? That could mean someone who seemed to appear on the scene overnight, or it could be someone whose profile took a big leap after years of amazing work.

The writers and editors at ComicsAlliance have compiled their shortlists. Now it's up to you to pick out the best of the best. These polls close midnight EST on Sunday 18 December, and we'll share the results next week.




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