Where there’s lightning, there’s a storm. Marvel’s Storm, Ororo Munroe, was created by writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum and introduced to Marvel readers in 1975. She has served as a prominent member of the Marvel universe since her arrival, normally working with or even leading the X-Men. As a mutant, Storm harnesses the power of weather, wielding rain, hail, winds and lightning at will. She's also a worldly character, having been born a Kenyan tribal princess and raised on the streets of both Harlem and Cairo --- experiences that shaped her into a natural leader and strong level head in the ranks of the X-Men.

There’s a lot to admire about Storm. She's not just a powerhouse and a figurehead. She’s a strong character, one of the first prominent black characters, and the first black female character to hold a major role in mainstream superhero comics. She's such a resonant and important character that it’s easy to see why cosplayers would want to adopt the mantle of Ororo Munroe.

We’ve pulled a few creative cosplay portrayals of the queen of the X-Men together into one place for your convenience. Some fans go to the classic leotard and cape, while others go for the white body suit popularized by the ‘90s X-Men animated series. Some enjoy the punk look, while others embrace the black body suit donned by Halle Berry in the 2000 X-Men film. Whichever look they choose, these cosplayers bringing the strength and coolness of Storm to life.


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