The X-Men family is enormous. Outweighing both the Justice League and The Avengers in terms of sheer number of amazing characters with outlandish abilities, the X-Men have always represented diversity and unity in a world that fears and hates them for what they are. Professor X, Scott Summers, Jean Grey and the rest nonetheless strive for a better tomorrow, guiding young mutants to the academy and standing against both evil mutants and any other threat that might make that world impossible.

But beyond the original class at Xavier's School for the Gifted, entire generations of mutants have entered the gates in the name of protecting the outcast. The revival of Giant Size X-Men brought in a wealth of new characters like Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Wolverine to usher in a wave of updated takes on the modern condition. Adding fresh blood is nothing new for the X-Men franchise, which has thrived on introducing new mutants with every generation.

With such a diverse and varied roster of characters in the X-Men family, cosplayers have always had a chance to portray the character that suits them best. Whether they’re taking up the sparkling personas of Jubilee or Dazzler or the futuristic styles of Bishop or Cable, there’s a wealth of opportunity bring the diverse and colorful world of X-Men to life through cosplay. These cosplayers exemplify that diversity in stellar form. These are the best X-Men cosplays.


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