Black Panther is one of the hottest characters under the Marvel umbrella right now. Not only does he have a huge blockbuster film on the horizon for next year, but there are two critically acclaimed ongoing titles that bear his name. Later this year, that number climbs to three as current steward of the franchise Ta-Nehisi Coates team up with poet Yona Harvey and artist Butch Guice for Black Panther and the Crew, which takes T'Challa to Harlem and re-teams him with some of his closest friends.

Announced today via TIME, Black Panther and the Crew sees a team of Marvel's most popular black heroes working together to solve the murder of an activist found dead in police custody. In addition to Black Panther, the new title also features his ex-wife Storm, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Manifold who previously worked together as The Crew in the current ongoing Black Panther title.


Butch Guice / Marvel Comics
Butch Guice / Marvel Comics


While Yona Harvey is still relatively new to comics, she made her debut last year in the back-up for Black Panther: World of Wakanda alongside Coates and Afua Richardson and according to the interview with TIME, has started to learn to apply her expertise in poetry to the language of comics.

For the first project I kept resisting. I thought being a poet was a negative somehow. But then I had to embrace what poets do, examine tiny details and draw out a larger story. And it helps with the language and the voice of the characters. I have this little trick where I imagine the poetic voice of the character, whether it’s very terse or romantic or sensitive.

While TIME's article credits Butch Guice for the character designs, it does not mention who will be the ongoing artist for the title will be. Thankfully, editor Wil Moss who oversees the Black Panther books confirmed on Twitter that Guice will indeed be on interior art and John Cassaday will be the regular cover artist.

No publication date has been revealed for Black Panther and the Crew as of yet.


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