What do we talk about when we talk about love? That Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes love each other is inarguable. It's all over those first two Captain America movies. It's in their goodbyes and their reunions. It's in the pain on Steve's face when Bucky doesn't recognize him, and the pain on Bucky's face when he does. It's in Bucky offering frail young Steve a place to stay, and in superhero Steve offering damaged cyborg Bucky a helping hand.

So we can all agree that Steve and Bucky, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, love each other a lot. It's only the nature of their love that's up for debate. We all know they're close friends, but whether they're more than friends is a matter of subtext and speculation. Of fantasy and fan fiction.

There are a great many Captain America fans who view Steve and Bucky as a couple. And not just any couple, but one of the great loves. Of course there are other fans who strenuously object to this interpretation. Some are no doubt objecting out of homophobia, but some others just have a particularly strong attachment to canon.

And to those fans who object: this gallery is probably not your cup of tea. Fan art of these two characters is dominated by shipping. They're not just Steve and Bucky, they're Stucky. Even in the works that depict them walking down the street or sharing a drink, there is often a romantic gaze, a light touch of the hand. Some say they see those things happening discreetly in the movies as well. Even if you're not personally invested in this pairing, we hope you'll agree that there's beauty to be found in these depictions of the love between men.


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