Superman is the best. The. Best. In every possible way you can take that statement. It’s not up for debate. He’s the first superhero. He’s the greatest superhero. If there can be but one superhero, he’s the only superhero you need or that matters. If you asked a thousand people to draw or describe what a superhero is supposed to look like, the consensus design would undoubtedly most closely resemble Superman.

The idea of Superman is so iconic, that even as his look and costume continue to change and evolve over time and be interpreted and re-imagined by countless artists the world over, he somehow still manages to be instantly recognizable as Superman. The amazing and eclectic collection of art I’ve put together here only serves to illustrate my point!

As is almost always the case with these things I start off with no idea what to write. Many times not even knowing where to start. Sometimes because I only have a passing interest in the subject matter at hand, but other times because I have too much of an interest. And let me tell you, if ever there was a time where I had too much of an interest to know where to begin or what to say, this is it.

If you’ve learned anything from our time together here, it is my most sincere hope that you’ve learned that I loveSuperman. To borrow a popular cliche, Superman is my everything. I’ve done comics about his history for Comics Alliance (Part One & Two). I’ve gotten all emotional and ranted about his greatness at ridiculous length in blogs, tweets, and podcasts. As a child, “Superman” was literallymy third word, so me and the Man of Steel don’t just go way back, he’s been a part of my entire life.

More than anything else, Superman has been the one constant in my life that has instilled in me the belief that no matter how dark it is or how bad things seem, there is always a way. That there is always hope. And since 2016 seems determined to prove that it's the worst year ever, the kind of hope that Superman can inspire is something we could all probably do with a little more of.




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