If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years on the Internet, it’s that there’s no aspect of comics that can’t be broken down and quantified in a single definitive list, preferably in amounts of five or ten. And since there’s no more definitive authority than ComicsAlliance, we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile Top Five lists of everything you could ever want to know about comics.

As the longest continuously published super-heroine of all time, Wonder Woman has quite a few stories in her bibliography. But while it's easy to name the best and most loved stories featuring her co-stars in Batman Grrrr Superman: Lazy Sunday Brunch with Justice, for the casual fan, it might be hard to single out the best reads starring the Amazon Princess.

Worry not, my friend! This type of thing is exactly what we are here for. We read through the Blue Snowmen, the Egg Fus, the multiple generations of biker jackets and more so we can pick out the good stuff. We swear on the Lasso of Truth, it's nothing but the best.

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