Hello again and welcome to another episode of Fantastic Fives, the show where we tell you the irrefutably correct five answers to a particular topic in comics, and you tell us how wrong we are in the comments! This week we’re looking at five video games that deserve their own comics.

There’s a lot of overlap between fans of comics and fans of video games. And there have been some great and some not so great video games based on comics and comic characters. So why aren’t there more comics based on video games? Sure, there have been some notable standouts over the years, but why aren’t there more? Some of the reasons are boring or dumb, so let’s imagine a world where video game companies are willing to let talented creative teams run wild with their properties and make some awesome video game comics!

Show Notes!

  • Let us know what games you think deserve their own comic in the comments.
  • If the video didn't sell you on it, check out Power Stone's intro from the Dreamcast or the anime's intro.
  • Check out the Super Mario art gallery I put together previously.


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