Quick: What is objectively the greatest piece of instrumental music ever composed? Got it? Okay, well, if you said anything other than Yoshihiro Sakaguchi's "The Moon" from the DuckTales video game for NES, then I am sorry to inform you that you are wrong. Compared to that 96-second loop, Mozart is basically a garbage fire.

And today, we have an occasion to blast that chiptune perfection in celebration: On April 8, 2017, Capcom will be releasing The Disney Afternoon collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, including HD optimized versions of the 8-bit DuckTalesChip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin games, along with a bunch of bonus features.


TaleSpin Key Art, Capcom


As far as the games go, DuckTales is a legitimate masterpiece of the era, and while it had a fully updated version a few years ago with new HD graphics and a full voice cast --- featuring Alan Young's final performance as Uncle Scrooge before his death --- desire for the original 8-bit version is still pretty strong. I also have a lot of fond memories of the Rescue Rangers games, with their box-throwing mechanics and the level design that saw suspiciously tiny chipmunks navigating through, say, a seemingly endless kitchen. Sadly, I don't think I ever played Darkwing Duck despite loving the show, but I did read about it a lot in Nintendo Power, and it looked Pretty Good.

What's really sparked my interest here, though, is the promise of Museum Mode, in which players will be treated to bonus features like key art and production designs from the games:


Museum Mode, Capcom


Here's the official rundown:

Players will be able to relive their childhood afternoons with Disney and explore these pieces of gaming history with classics including:

  • Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – This classic lets players team up with a friend in co-op play as they assume the roles of the mischievous Chip and Dale as they take on memorable villain Fat Cat and attempt to solve the mystery of a missing kitten.
  • Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 – Fat Cat has escaped and his plans are even more dastardly this time. The titular heroes and supporting cast Monterey Jack, Gadget, and Zipper must stop Fat Cat from his evil dream of world domination!
  • Darkwing Duck – Play as the original caped crusader and fight a city full of criminals from the infamous F.O.W.L. organization in this action-packed platforming epic.
  • DuckTales – In this iconic platforming adventure, players help Scrooge McDuck fill his feathery pockets with vast riches from across the world.
  • DuckTales 2 – The sequel to the original game comes jam-packed with more action and an even bigger caper set in new locations like the Bermuda Triangle and Niagara Falls!
  • TaleSpin – Take to the skies as Baloo the bear navigates his plane through exotic and dangerous locations in this side-scrolling shoot-em-up.

All six games are new and improved HD versions of the originals and feature a number of filtering options that replicate a classic retro look and feel. This collection also offers new ways to play with Boss Rush and Time Attack modes for each game. In Boss Rush mode, players battle through challenging boss encounters consecutively, while Time Attack mode encourages time-based gameplay and provides online leaderboards that track the fastest times for each game. A new “Rewind” feature makes these challenging titles more accessible for newcomers, with the option to rewind time and enjoy a swift recovery from blunders. Additionally, the in-game Disney Museum will provide history buffs with a wealth of content to celebrate the era of the original releases, such as concept art, advertisements, character art, and music – all preserved in their original glory.


DuckTales screenshot, Capcom
Boss Rush Mode screenshot, Capcom
Time Attack Mode screenshot, Capcom
Rescue Rangers screenshot, Capcom