They didn't call Bettie Page the Queen of Pinups for no reason, but the 1950s era model still isn't the first person I think of when it comes to powerful women in comic books... but maybe I'm in a minority with that assessment, since Dark Horse Comics is about to immortalize Page in all her statuesque glory.

The Oregon based comic book publisher is teaming up with the estates of Bettie Page and Dave Stevens (creator of "The Rocketeer," in which Page appeared as a character) to bring forth a limited-edition statue based on one of Stevens' best known illustrations of Page. While the quantity on this statue is still to be determined, the price is not - each Page statue comes at a price tag of $150 and is set to debut in August of 2010.

"We have enormous respect for both Dave and Bettie, and we felt an obligation to make this piece a home run," said Dark Horse's vice president of product development David Scroggy about the Page statue. "Dave was a tough critic, especially when it came to his own work. We knew we had to satisfy him, so we were meticulous in every detail. I think we might have succeeded."