After thoroughly enjoying Tom Root's handiwork on this week's "Jughead" #200, I happened upon a pretty telling back page ad for iVerse's line of Archie's digital-exclusive releases. Behold: "Betty & Veronica Summer Spectacular Presents: Betty the Vampire Slayer v.s. Vampironica":

I know Archie's wholesome adventures aren't for everybody, but I couldn't help but chuckle as I imagined the parody potential of this special - especially given Buffy's latest comic boost at Dark Horse and Dynamite's acquisition of Vampirella. Archie looks more or less terrified though, because girls from Draculondale are totally bossy.

When I saw the ad I assumed I missed a press release, but there's currently scant info available at either Archie's official blog or iVerse's official site. Sure, it's not quite "Archie Meets The Punisher," but I have a feeling I won't be able to resist downloading the title should it eventually surface on iTunes this spring/summer.

Check out a bigger version of my shoddy camera phone snapshot after the jump and let your imagination run wild until we can score some more official info on the release.