Maybe the weirdest thing about the current era of Archie comics is that if a haunted house showed up in the mainline titles, I wouldn't be surprised at all. I mean, the Archie Renaissance basically kicked off with a story where the Zombie Apocalypse hit Riverdale after Sabrina used forbidden magic to resurrect the dead, and if that's on the table, pretty much any haints that follow are going to seem pretty routine.

In the classic Archie titles, though, the idea of Veronica being sent to a possibly haunted house still has all the charm and novelty that you want it to, and this week, that's exactly what we're getting when the Archie line goes Halloween for October.

In "Now That's Scary," Veronica --- already on edge from a horror movie --- has to explore a creepy old mansion, while a backup story finds Chuck Clayton drawing a comic strip called Monster High that apparently has nothing to do with the current toy line of the same name. Check 'em out below!



Here's the full solicit:



On edge after seeing a new horror movie while on a date with Archie—and after being scared by Jughead—Veronica gets a chance to explore an old house that the Lodges were given as an inheritance. Once there, scared and alone, she calls the gang to join her. Things are fine until, one by one, the kids mysteriously disappear in the old house—and only Veronica is left! Find out what’s causing these mysteries in “Now That’s Scary!” the fun lead story, filled with double the tricks and treats, in this JUMBO comics digest!

Script: Dan Parent
Art: Dan DeCarlo, Henry Scarpelli, Bill Yoshida, Barry Grossman
Cover: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 10/12
256-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.