As Ray Croc famously said before a 10-cent hamburger crashed through his window and sent him on the path of vengeance against expensive hamburgers, "Children are a hungry, easily distracted lot." That's why the McDonald's restaurant made the decision to include toys with its kid-friendly Happy Meals -- and now, they're taking cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets back to their darker, more brutal roots with toys based on Cartoon Network's Beware the Batman!

Check 'em out after the jump!

Click the image for a larger version of next month's Happy Meal toys:



The interesting thing about the BTB toys is that they're all focused on Batman himself, rather than any villains. Presumably they're going to get around to those at a later date -- if the record shows us anything, it's that McD's loves to team up with Batman for their Happy Meal toys.

The really interesting thing is that it includes a mask, and while you can't quite tell from the image above, it's a good one. Check out how it looks on this actual photograph of a child enjoying a Batman-themed happy meal:




The Batman toys will hit McDonald's next month, but in the meantime, you can swing by and get a buildable Power Rangers MegaForce MegaZord. It has a shark for an arm, you guys. A shark. For an arm.

[Thanks to CA reader Barris for the tip!]

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