Oh, you like anime? Yeah, that's pretty cool, I guess, but I've kind of moved past stuff like Dragon Ball and Naruto and onto something a little more sophisticated. Hm? Oh, my favorite series? That's easy: it's called The New McDonald's Recruiting Campaign About A Girl Who Gets A Job At McDonald's And Has To Earn Her Supervisor's Trust and Friendship Through Hard Work And Dedication. It's pretty much the best series I've ever seen.

Okay, so maybe it's not actually a series, and is, in fact, a single 78-second advertisement from the world's largest fast food chain looking to attract new workers in Japan, but it's still pretty amazing. Check it out below!



Okay, first of all, I am very hungry right now.

Second of all, if using anime as a recruitment tool for fast food wasn't quite Japanese-pop-culture enough for you, consider that the voice acting in the advertisement comes from the massive pop idol group AKB48 --- so named for its original roster of 48 members that has since expanded to over 130, who rotate through the main crew like the Justice League Unlimited of J-pop.

In this case, it's Yui Yokoyama and Rin Okabe, although different members have been used for different regions, to get the accents right.

Personally, I hope this sets off a whole new trend of anime-themed advertising. Just imagine Wendy as a magical girl, or the Burger King clenching his fists and promising to do his best for everyone who believes in him! I am getting hungrier just thinking about it. [Via the Verge.]


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