I'll admit that I've had a few reservations about the upcoming Beware the Batman animated series -- mostly because Batman: the Brave and the Bold is probably my platonic ideal of entertainment -- but the more I see of it, the more excited I get. And now, Entertainment Weekly has debuted the show's opening sequence, and any lingering doubts I had have pretty much vanished. This thing looks awesome.




The whole thing is done up in a stark, high-contrast black and red (with occasional flashes of white), which certainly fits in with what we know of the show's theme so far. That's actually one of the few problems that I have, in that I think it's a little too dark, and there's not enough on Batman's costume to really set off his appearance -- a black logo on a black background is something I never really like on a superhero costume. That said, CA Editor Andy Khouri pointed out that this is a choice designed to distinguish Beware from BATB, a show that was all about bright colors, and that the dark color scheme emphasizes Batman's silhouette over the logo. He's not wrong, and the effect is pretty striking.

The opening sequence also gives us our first good look at Batman's sidekicks, particularly Katana:




It'll be pretty interesting to see how Katana's, uh, katana meshes with Batman's established code against killing. Plus, there's a pretty awesome shot of Alfred, sipping tea and throwing haymakers, just as he should be.

There's also a brief look at the new Batmobile, which is basically a Batman-themed version of Speed Racer's Mach V.




This is not a complaint. This is, in fact, everything good and right in this crazy world.

What's most surprising about the opening sequence is the show's theme song. Rather than going with something like the sweeping score of Batman: The Animated Series or even Hans Zimmer's tense soundtracks for the Nolan films, Beware the Batman has a rollicking rockabilly style theme from Dum Dum Girls. So yeah, I guess I have a new favorite band.

Rest assured that we will be keeping up with news on Beware the Batman as it breaks.


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