Despite a sticky web of fan speculation surrounding the black mask that appeared on Activision's latest "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" box art a few days back, the game's fourth and final world of gameplay has been made clear: Ultimate Spider-Man's going to be kicking it symbiote style on all kinds of consoles starting September 7.

Joining his "Amazing," "2099" and "Noir" counterparts, Ultimate Spider-Man will be taking on some major foes including a version of Ultimate Carnage and - wait for it - Ultimate Deadpool. Some gamers might be surprised that Activision opted for a version of Spidey that they granted with a solo title back in 2005, rather than an untapped incarnation such as the "Marvel Zombies" Web-Slinger, but judging from the publisher's new trailer, fans can still look forward to plenty of surprises when they once again don the black costume.

See the full trailer, plus a close shot of Ultimate Deadpool after the jump.