Blackest Night is one of DC Comics' grizzliest events in quite a while, if not its most popular one. But despite the brutality of seeing favorite characters brought back from the dead only to become vicious Black Lanterns, the series has inspired some beauty from the fan community.

Take, for instance, these "Blackest Night" custom Mini-Mate action figures, as created by The Fwoosh user Shamrock. I hesitate to say that seeing a Lego-sized Black Hand figure makes me fear him less, because the thought of an army of Black Lantern Mini-Mates coming to turn me into one of their undead mini-soldiers is actually quite horrifying.

Aside from Black Hand, Shamrock has created a plethora of other heroes and villains from the greater Green Lantern universe, including Hal Jordan in between his Green and Blue Lantern states, one of the mysterious Indigo Tribe members, and - my personal favorite - Larfleeze, the greedy ruler of the Orange Lantern Corps.

For the full line-up, head over to The Fwoosh!